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5 Hijab Fashion Trends to Try 2022

 Hijabis out there I understand how difficult it can be to follow a certain trend because some trends do not work with your hijab, but don’t worry because I will tell you all about the hijab trends of winter 2022 and how they will work perfectly with your hijab. If you don’t know how to style it, I’ve got you covered because you’ll find everything you need in this article.

1. Skirts

Skirts are trendy in the hijab world, and if you prefer a more modest look, they are ideal. Flowy skirts can be worn in the winter with boots and a sweater; you can add a belt or skip it for a more relaxed look.

mage credits: Instagram @100looks_@r_ellithy

2. Matching sweats and hoodie

Wearing matching sweats and hoodies creates a sporty relaxed look that is both comfortable and stylish. It’s very fashionable this season, and comfort is always a top priority. You can wear it with boots and a coat, which is my personal favorite look. You can also wear sneakers and keep a jacket on hand if you like to add some kind of layer to your outfit. 


Image credits: Instagram @basmasedkyi@mariamashrafhelal

3. Oversized blazers / Oversized tunic

Blazers have been very popular lately, but oversized blazers are the new trend this season. If you’re wondering how to wear it with your hijab, treat your oversized blazer like a jacket; it goes on and with everything. You can wear it with pants or a skirt if pants are not your thing. Oversized blazers also look great with dresses.

mage credits: Instagram @dinaa_mourad@100looks

4. Coat

Winter isn’t complete unless you pull out your coat, whether it’s a trench coat or one of those heavy coats; whatever it is, it’s all trendy in the hijab world. If you want a more modest look, pair your trench coat with a skirt and top, and don’t forget your winter boots! If you want a hip look, pair a colored coat with jeans and add a bit of edge to your outfit with boots. 


Image credits: Instagram @tokafouda@100looks_

5. Cardigans

Cardigans and winter are just two things that go well together. Cardigans are very easy to style and will look great with your hijab. Pair it with a skirt and possibly a belt If you don’t like the loose look. Another way to wear it is withwide pants, but this time try patterned cardigans with a monochromatic outfit for a fresh look.


Image credits: Instagram @tokafouda@sarahashraff_

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