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Islamic Fashion: How to Choose the Perfect Muslim Abaya

Islamic fashion means much more than just modest clothing. In fact, Islamic fashion plays an important role in your entire identity as a Muslim woman, and it can even affect how you feel about yourself both physically and spiritually. Whether you’re looking for a new abaya to wear to work or you’re shopping with your family on Eid Day, here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect abaya for you

The Different Types of Abayas

The abaya is a piece of clothing traditionally worn by Muslim women. It’s usually black or dark in color and covers most of the body, but leaves an opening for a woman’s face, hands, and feet to show. Though they are often worn as a symbol of modesty, they can also be quite stylish! There are many different styles of abayas that vary in length and design. Here are some of the most popular types you might want to consider when looking for your perfect Muslim abaya.

The Fit of an Abaya

When it comes to Muslim clothing, many people are very confused about which type of clothes would be best for them. For example, some people might not know how an abaya would fit them and what size they should get. In addition, some people might not know if they are supposed to wear a hijab or a tunic as well. Here is a list of guidelines that will help you figure out what style and type of Islamic clothing will work best for you.

The Style of an Abaya

An abaya is a one-piece Muslim garment worn by women. It’s usually paired with a hijab, a headscarf that covers just the hair, or a niqab, which covers all of your face except for your eyes. An abaya can be any color or style so long as it meets Islamic standards and doesn’t reveal too much skin. Typically they are loose-fitting with long sleeves and a high neckline so that they fall below the hips and don’t show too much leg. The hems should also be long enough to touch the ground if you stand up straight.
A good hijab store will have different styles of abayas in many colors as well as other clothing options such as tunics, dresses, shoes, etc.

The Color of an Abaya

A Muslim woman’s abaya, hijab, and other Islamic clothes all come in a wide range of colors. The color you choose can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Some Muslim women like wearing black or dark colors because they are modest and don’t show stains too well. Others might prefer reds, pinks, and brighter colors because they want their clothing to reflect their personality while still following traditions.

Accessorizing Your Abaya

Accessorizing an abaya is a fun way to express yourself and your mood! If you’re looking for something with a little more flair, try adding a chunky gold necklace and matching earrings. For something more subtle, try wearing an abaya with just a simple beaded necklace. For Islamic clothing shoppers who prefer not to wear jewelry, there are plenty of ways to accessorize your abaya without them!